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Unconventional Wisdom
The body is designed to have a near limitless potential for movement, and most conventional weight-lifting-focused training programs, along with the hours we spend sitting everyday, do more harm then good in the long-term in regard to developing & maintaining these movement patterns. Weight-room strength is useless if you can't express it at different angles and velocities, we can't forget about the movement side of our sport!
Our training programs will develop your ability to be explosive, balanced, and safe in EVERY position you might end up in during competition! Can you afford to be unprepared?


Our Winter Speed Development & Combine Prep Program is designed to get you ready for whatever testing or timing camps you attend this Off-Season. Performing your best requires an incredible amount of work in the winter, and we have everything you need to be prepared.

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The football season takes a toll on an athlete's body. Very often we finish the year with some level of injury and it is important to take some time before you dive into training to make sure these 


Receive a comprehensive movement & pre-injury screen, once we understand your injury risks & limiting factors we can begin to eliminate each one of these. One by one. As you move better you feel better, and through more consistent training you begin to look better and play better. 

Not all Off-Season training is created equal, and not all training plans will yield the same results. Follow our proven track record of keeping athletes healthy and performing at their best, all year long!

Contact us at matt@zubakperformance.com for more information.

2020 Winter Training Program


A major goal we have is to spread as much useful information about training as we can, to as many coaches & athletes as we can reach. We prioritize time spent educating  youth-level coaches, and find these opportunities can have the largest reach of any educational investment. 

If you are interested in having one of our coaches come out and present for your team or organization, contact us at matt@zubakperformance.com.


Zubak Athletic Performance offers a team building & mental toughness program aimed at ​turning groups of athletes into a cohesive, cooperative unit that excels at communicating with each other under stress & holding teammates accountable.  

Push comes to shove, the outcome of a game is decided by the players' ability to execute together. We have organized a training system that develops a team's ability to WORK TOGETHER and WORK FOR EACH OTHER, while developing important PHYSICAL QUALITIES and REDUCING INJURY RISK. 

Contact us at matt@zubakperformance.com for more information.


We offer training programs in an online format that you can access through your phone. This is currently the only option to train with us if you cannot make it to our training sessions, but it is also an excellent option for veterans who have trained under us and can

self-monitor their technique, they just need continued guidance. We cater to both! 

We also provide nutrition programming backed by certified industry nutritionists!

For more information, contact us at matt@zubakperformance.com.