A training program is only as good as the results it's clients can sustain. Find you a coach that has a track record of success at the level you WANT to get to! 


Zubak Athletic Performance is the premiere sports performance training program in the Philadelphia area. We are founded on the tried-and-true principle of steady, consistent progress from using the body the way it is intended...

This means our athletes get better EVERYDAY!


We don't/can't promise any scholarships or accolades, but I can GUARANTEE that you will become a better athlete while greatly reducing your future risk of injury after participating in our training system!

We believe in our system because we have seen it work at every level and with every type of sport, men or women, over many years! Through working and studying at different colleges, networking with reputable professionals in the performance, medical, nutrition, motivation, & personal development fields from all over the world, and spending years writing programs for and implementing training curriculum to athletes with success, we feel that our system has passed the crucible and proven itself to WORK! 

  • 1-1 & Small Group Performance Training 

  • Team Training Programs

  • Comprehensive Return-from-injury Rehabiliation​ Protocols

  • Nutrition Strategies & Weight-Gain Techniques

  • Sport Psychology ​

  • Consulting for Coaches ​

  • ​Practice & Program Design Optimization

  • ​Clinics for Coaches & Communities

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Zubak Athletic Performance was founded by

Matt Zubak, a no-talent, never-was from South Jersey who did everything his high school footballl coaches demanded from him in the weightroom & on the field. After a semi-successful high school career, Matt went on to play DIII football, where he quickly learned that all of his time in the weightroom had no real transfer onto the field. Despite the 300+ pound 'bench press' and 500+ pound 'squat', Matt was slow and weak. 

So what happened?! He did all of the required and extra work! He never missed a practice or team function! Maybe the training methods his coaches prescribed were just that ineffective... The sad thing is almost EVERY high school coach we consult with uses THE SAME TRAINING CONCEPTS AND PROTOCOLS TODAY

We are here to bring you a better option for athletic development! We are here to help educate coaches, parents, athletes, and communities on how to properly train to get the most out of our athletic bodies while reducing the risk of future injury. Our vision is to ensure that NOBODY underachieves, and every athlete has the tools to reach the highest level their talent & work ethic allow.

Zubak Athletic